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Pastor T's Newsletter

Greetings in the name of the Lord!  Hope everyone is having a great week! 

Thanks to everyone for celebrating Pastor Terry on Sunday for his birthday.  He was surprised and thrilled! Thank you all for being such a blessing to us!  We are so grateful that God has given us a wonderful congregation that we count as an honor to shepherd. 

The talk of the week has been all about the eclipse on Monday. And Wow what a sight it was. What could God be silently saying? Your Bible says God appointed the sun - not for light or even heat - but as a sign! In fact, your Bible says the sun and the moon are Both to mark sacred occasions and seasons! 

Genesis 1:14 declares, "And God said, "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years..."

For everything the Lord God has made, He has a purpose and a plan. It prominently displays God's number of perfection, "7", which signifies diving completion and purpose.

* 7 cities called "Salem"were in the path of the last eclipse in 2017

*7 cities called Nineveh are to be touched by the eclipse.

* All 7 planets, excluding earth itself, will be overhead in the darkened night-like sky during the eclipse - in nearly perfect alignment!

* It has been 7 years between the two eclipses

* These incredible indications and more were present on April 8!


What is the Lord silently saying? I believe Jesus when He promised that there will be "signs in the sun and moon and the stars; and the earth distress of nations" (Luke 21:25) as signs of His return - and the eclipse could be among these signs.

 It is no coincidence that the year '24 also means "divine completion" and it is no coincidence that the Lord inspired upon our hearts within this year for us to see this in our ministry!  God's goodness in how HE leads us never ceases to amaze me!  He is so wonderful! 

Congratulations to Keirystin Metry for receiving her PCG Exhorters credentials. 

Congrats also to DJ Peyton on his successful completion of another step toward becoming a pilot!!

April 12, Friday 7pm:  Teen Impact at Winchester Church of the Living God

April 13, Saturday 10am:  Teen Talent - Go support our young people Fusion Youth

April 20, Saturday 11:15am:  Women of Purpose going to Women's Conference 

in Winchester at Trinity COG, 285 Winn Ave. Everyone is welcome, we will meet at the church and leave from there. 

Sunday, May 12:  Mother's Day - We will have a gift for all mothers. Plus a special gift for the mother who has the most children with her at church that day! Also, a special gift for the oldest & youngest mother in service that day.  

In His service,

Tresa Lewis

Executive Pastor

FaithPointe Ministries

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