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Pastor T's Newsletter

Hello everyone! Hope you have had a great week, looking forward to a great weekend!


 I know everyone has their own struggles and life happenings but, with God we always have HOPE!  Don't lose hope...believe in His word, miracles, and all divine power!  He, our Father has the last say so! So let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Control your world by believing!  

I want to share some of my reading today from the book Prayer Works!  It is powerful!


"What is the Will of God?" 

   In John 4:34, Jesus said, "My food is to do what the One who sent Me wants Me to do and to finish His work." From the verse we can define the will of God as the plans, desires, intents, and purposes that He wants to see fulfilled on the earth.  God has something within his heart that He wants to come to pass, and He is waiting for Humans to discover it through prayer.  Because He chose to delegate the task,  it is something men and women must do. This divine impression in God's heart is His will. We need to seek for it as Christ did. Jesus told his disciples that His food --meaning the substance that sustained Him - was to carry out His Father's plan. 

   King David was a great man who discovered God's agenda because of his commitment to a lifestyle of prayer.  More than half the book of Psalms consists of his prayers. David earnestly sought to know God's agenda, and because of his devotion to knowing God's will, he became known for his closeness to God despite his mistakes.  

   On the other hand, satan does not want God's will to be done. He does not want people to find it or follow it. The devil attacks people who want to do God's will by bringing distractions, confusion, fleshly lusts, or pride to their souls.  He tried to distract Jesus His father's will by tempting Jesus. Satan showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and promised to give it all to Christ if only He would worship him.  This was a blatant attempt to stop Jesus from fulfilling God's will of dying on the cross for mankind.  The devil offered Jesus a way out by trying to deceive Him into accepting glory without the cross.  

   Every believer has a course to follow-- finding the will of God.  You must make up your mind to strive in prayer and never to settle for anything outside His will since that is what brings Him ultimate glory!  

   ANY TIME you find the will of God through prayer, you will experience God's burden.  A deep yearning to see HIs will fulfilled will come upon you, driving you into the labor room of prayer. There the spirit of prayer and intercession will overtake you!

I pray this encourages you,  until next week and I will share more from this book and my heart. 

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Pastor Tresa





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