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This week on FaithPointe Radio:

"The God of More than Enough"

"More Than Enough Freedom"

"More than Enough Blessing"

"More than Enough Authority"

"The Kingdom of More than Enough"

"More than Enough Faith"

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"I Know"

"Divine Healing"

"The Silent Sabbath"

"Hands and Feet"

"Bruised for Our Iniquities"

"Blood and Water"

"Be Fruitful & Multiply"

"Stopped at the Blessing Border"

"Seedtime & Harvest"

"The Promise, The Plan"

"The Big 10"


     - Pastor Tresa Lewis


  I Must Get To Jesus



  Rest 1 & 2


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Vision - the ability to see - is truly a precious gift.  From a spiritual perspective, vision is the focus of our heart.  It determines the direction of our lives, and ultimately the success of our faith walk.


Pastor Terry explores seven powerful directives from Paul's first letter to Thessalonica specifically designed to expand the field of vision for the Christ-follower, walking with Eyes Wide OpenIn clear focus to avoid temptation and daily spiritual victory.  


Covenant Keepers 1

Covenant Keepers 2

The Kingdom Covenant

Praise & Power

Covenant of the Journey


"Eyes Wide Open"

Happy in Your Faith

Open Line of Communication

Give Thanks in Everything


The Prophetic Word

The Grace Covered Life

Eyes Wide Open 

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"Eyes Wide Open"

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